Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Can Only Hope...

...that I turn out like my mom. She (and my dad) have been absolutely irreplaceable in our lives over this last month. You see, my mom and I are very similar in a lot of ways, which caused some pretty entertaining yet heated moments when I was in high school. Let's face it, the last thing you want to be at 16 is your mother! However, as I look back at our relationship, even the door-slamming days, I see just how special my mom is. I must admit that one of the reasons I was so excited to have a little girl was to hopefully have the kind of relationship with Lily that I have with my mom. I am learning that there is nothing quite like that bond. My mom was diagnosed with MS when I was around 10 years old. I have vague but specific memories from that time. I do remember wondering if it would always be like 'that.' Painful. Stressful. Tiring. Hard. By the grace of God alone, it has not always been like that for my mom. I have watched her with Jakob over these last three years, and I swear to you, she who should have the least energy, has the most! Jakob and Nana leave the rest of us in the dirt! I adore watching my son with my mom. He looks at her in a way that no one else sees. He always has. It is as though he has known from the beginning that Nana was wholeheartedly in his corner. I am so excited to see all of the things that Lily and Nana share together as well. (If the wall, yes I said wall of bows in her room is any indication, we are in trouble!) Mom has made me feel much more adequate as a mom than I really am. She is so encouraging to me. She, alone, knows when and when not to make a suggestion or give a compliment. I love that about her. She is my very best friend...just check our cell phone minutes if you doubt that! That friendship, though, has developed since Jared and I have married. She was my 'mom' when I was still living with them. Friends? Sure. Parent? Absolutely. My mom is such a godly example to me in marriage and parenting...truly Proverbs 31 right down to the making of your own garments! The point of all this? Mom has had Jakob for nearly 3 weeks, either here or in Oklahoma. They have swam, made crafts, had sword fights, cuddled, read, sang, danced, and the most important thing of all...she has continued in the unsuccessful potty training bid! She has cleaned out his poopy underwear for three weeks now. I told you, she is a saint! We are going tomorrow to spend this week at mom and dad's house, and we could not be more excited! But as we go and resume our role as Jakob's caregivers, I just wanted you to know, mom, that you are my hero. I thank you for loving me, Jared, Jakob, and now Lily with an unconditional, prayerful love that I can only hope I return to my children. It is truly my hope and fervent prayer that Lily will think of me as I think of would be my highest compliment. I love you, momma.

Nana with Jakob
Nana spending some special time with Jakob getting ready for Lily.
Nana with Lily

Nana with Jakob and Lily

Nana playing Cars dominoes with Jakob 'and' Lily. No one else would get in the floor at the hospital. See what I mean?! She is Superwoman!

Me, Momma, and My Babies (looking lost and frightened with Jakob!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Whole Weeks!

I feel as though I haven't really written anything since sweet Lily was born! Shame on me! She turned 2 weeks old yesterday, and since this blog is mostly a way for us to hold on to memories, I'm including some crazy kinds of things in this and future posts...please don't feel obligated to read! :-) When we left the hospital, Lily weighed a hefty 5 pounds 11 ounces.

At her 2 week check-up yesterday, she had grown half an inch to 20 and 1/4 inches long and had gained to 7 pounds! Woohoo, Lily! Jakob weighed 7 pounds exactly when he was born, so I have been holding her a little extra tightly today, knowing that from here on out, the days of my small baby are done. Weird. I know.

Lily is an extraordinarily great baby. She is eating every three hours (roughly) and has never had an issue latching on. It is truly amazing how much less stressful breast feeding has been this time around since one of us kind of knew what we were doing! I am able to enjoy her at this stage much more so than I did with Jakob because I am not freaking out...I mean really freaking every little thing. I feel much more in control. Ready. Not lost. She is pretty angelic, if you ask anyone around here.

UPDATE! It was pointed out to me by those who love me most, I think ;-), that I look as though I have enormous legs in this picture. I assure you that although my legs aren't small, the hot pink bulges in this photo are the boppy. Maybe I can use this picture though as a before and after for losing baby weight! Mmmmm....I may be on to something! Ha!

We are trying so hard to think of all of the similarities and differences between her and Jakob when he was at this stage. It is funny all of the things that I totally forgot from when he was a baby! Some things, though, are coming back when we see her do things. Priceless. That in it's entirety will be another post, but my favorite thing Lily has reminded me of is the way Jakob yawned. It wasn't the yawn in and of itself. It was the all-out fit that he threw after he yawned! It was almost as if he hurt himself while extending his bottom jaw! Funny now. Freaky then!

Jakob is with my parents this week in Oklahoma living the good life! I am really missing my sweet boy tonight. This picture is of him as we left for the hospital two Tuesdays ago. He fell asleep 2 hours early that day as he and I were reading a book on the couch. It was probably better for me that I didn't have to kiss him goodbye that day as I was an emotional basket case. Shocker. I know. He may not be a potty training champion (details and requests for advice to come on that subject!) but he is one special, precious little boy. I am one very proud and blessed momma. Short story of the last two weeks: sleep, eat, poo. Repeat at will. Love, cuddle, stare. Repeat and soak up at will. I am praying God touches my memory in a way that I didn't know to ask for when Jakob was this small.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate how time seems to creep along the last few weeks of pregnancy, and then it FLIES by once your baby is here! Hate it! Such is life, though! I will figure out a better way to be a more frequent blogger, I promise, but this week I just enjoyed my sweet family. My mom has been here since Lily was born and left today with my dad and Jakob. More on mi madre later...I have had a great first week home with my sweet boy, beautiful girl, loving husband, and super mom! Here are just a few pictures of our fun!

My mom made the greatest onesies with tutus before Lily was born! We were so excited to put her in one of them!

beautiful girl...
Chillin' with daddy today after the house emptied.

First time to church all together. We are a pretty blessed crew!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4 Years vs. 1 Week

July 14. What a day? Today is a day of expectancy...expecting each year to be reminded of just how dark some days can be; expecting this year to be reminded of just how joyful some days can be. July 14, 2005, the day that lilies and hopefulness came into the forefront of our awareness. July 14, 2009, the day that Lily Hope Hardy was due. My good is our God? How perfect is His timing? How countless are His mercies? How good is our God? He is the God of full wombs. He is also the God of empty ones. He is the God of healed marriages. He is our God in plenty, and our God in want. He is God...sovereign, loving, and abundant. What else should be our response to our God but to lay back in His strong but gentle hands, throw our arms limp to His power, and rest?

Thank you to my precious friend, Ashley, for taking inspired pictures. You will never know what this picture in particular means to me on this day. Check out her amazing vision at

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lily's Big Day

Today is a big day for Lily! She got to/is going to get to meet some very special people in our lives! She had her first appointment with....drum roll please....DR. LIZ!!! I could just slap myself because I forgot to take their picture together! I even had my camera in the diaper bag, and Liz had this great top on would have been hot! :-) The good news is that a medical professional agreed with us that she is perfect! Her jaundice looks better, (we're still waiting on the numbers) she is pooping and peeing like a champ, and best of all...she is only 2 ounces short of her birth weight! Woo Hoo! She lost down to 5 pounds 11 ounces by Friday in the hospital, and she weighed 6 pounds, 2 ounces today! SO glad to hear and see that her eating every two hours is paying off! Tonight, Lily is getting to meet "Anna's mom," (as Jakob calls her) Ashley! Ashley is one of my favorite people on the planet...we share the same hatred for phone conversations and love of all things electronic communication! She is my facebooking/texting counterpart! She is also an AMAZING photographer who is shooting my sweet Lily tonight. I canNOT wait to see how Ashley sees Lily through the lens of her camera. I am probably having a super hormonal moment right now, but I am so overwhelmed at how God has placed such precious people in our lives at this time. I am so proud that these people in Jakob's and Lily's lives are more than just acquaintances...they are dear and faithful friends to our family. I am busting with excitement about tonight and feeling more than just a little blessed. THANK YOU LIZ AND ASHLEY!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Since I didn't get a picture today (I really could just kick myself!) I thought I'd give you some from our last morning at the hospital.
Lily is so small and petite when she curls her long skinny legs up, she totally fits under her 12x12 lovie blanket. It melted our hearts!

Lily is so much smaller than I expected that NONE of the clothes I brought to the hospital as possible coming home outfits fit. I knew that they would probably be a little big, but they were ridiculous...falling off of her in all directions! Nana to the rescue! She went out on Thursday and found more than one beautiful option for us. This is the dress we decided pink with smocking and embroidered flowers at the neckline. I LOVE IT. Lily's feet are unlike anything we have ever seen. They certainly don't belong to Jared or me. They are long...LONG...with toes that could totally pass as other newborns' fingers. Crazy! Anyhow, finding socks for this sweet child has been insane. Today, I tied ribbon around her ankles (loosely, of course!) to hold them on! Mom, again, found these beautiful booties that worked perfectly! Seriously, what would we do without our moms? Can I be this super hero for Lily someday!?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blogger Buddy

I am way too tired to type much tonight, but my sweet girl is perched on my chest and insisted we share some pictures with everyone! One of these days, I'll take advantage of all of the WONDERFUL naps I'm getting thanks to Nana and Daddy and add stories to the pictures, but that day isn't this day! We are all doing great...eating every 2 hours or so, sleeping wonderfully, and changing lot of diapers! Hope you had a great weekend! Lily and I are going to catch some shut-eye before our next date!

Our little sun goddess!

Having fun at McDonald's with Nana! (There is a story attached here!)

Thank you, Aunt Mary Jane, for rushing to our rescue and buying preemie clothes! We love you!

Blue's Clues time with my sweethearts...I may never wear makeup again if it means spending that time with my precious kiddos.

If you can't seem to get your own thumb to cooperate, use mom's!

Absolutely melt my heart...

I think these are pretty self-explanatory!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Bit of Everything

I think I may have found a new career possibility...documentary production! I am sitting here trying to be a responsible (i.e. bored out of my mind right now) adult by watching the mother/baby 'channel' at the hospital. Seriously, the year in these videos must be roughly 1976 and features a 'new' requirement of the car seat...a plastic, rocking horse looking thing! SO funny! There must be a better option out there, surely! Lily is in the nursery for her last assessment. I am so excited to be going home today where we can really begin to figure out one another. I hope that I have enough time to share all of the great things that have happened in our first three days with Lily, but today is not that day! i hope you enjoy some new pictures while I go and try to catch a few minutes of sleep before they bring my sweet bundle back to me. Tonight, we blog from home!!! HOORAY!

Jakob teaching Lily all about how to play with his new Cars of his gifts from Lily!

Yep...I know a man who is in big trouble with his heart!

Female version of Jakob!
I'm having a pretty good time with the bows...understatement? Yes, I know!
Can you see the attitude dripping from this picture?! Absolutely frightening!

We are pretty pleased with our little corner of this world... grateful to our Father.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

24 Hours of Bliss

Wow. So long anxiety, hello bliss! We have had the most wonderful day with our family. Jakob could NOT be more precious, kind, loving, excited, and helpful. He has been such a joy to watch! Yesterday as Jared came down the hall from the OR heading to the nursery, Jakob yelled, "MY Lily Hope!" He hasn't stopped saying that since! All of these pictures have wonderful stories, but I'm going to save on the details tonight and get some rest. Here is a quick update, though...Jakob had an accident free potty day today! Atta boy! I cannot say enough to my parents and brother for their taking up the Jakob circus this week. That will be another blog unto itself! Lily has been an absolute angel today. We are still so shocked at how tiny she is...perfectly petite! She is nursing fabulously, filling diapers wonderfully, and sleeping peacefully! Jared and I are SO enjoying our time alone here in the hospital. 'Romantic' walks around the maternity floor, late night jello know, the good stuff! We are trying to savor every moment we have before life slaps us in the face again. I am recovering really well...sore, but good. We have had such a great time with our friends coming by for short, perfectly timed visits and look forward to seeing Jared's family tomorrow evening when they return from fetching Meredith after her return from Uruguay. I'll fill in the details on these pictures later, but for tonight...enjoy! We certainly are! is just a little too big for our tiny little head! She'll get in it, though! Of this you can be certain!

Jakob singing the Veggie Tales Theme Song to Lily. You can hear the action on my brother's Facebook page...

Hope you're all having a great, blessed week. Squeeze your family and friends...I cannot wait to tell all about how so many of you have stunned us with love this week. Good night, all!