Thursday, January 7, 2010

this is IT!!!

Okay, if you read this blog often or know me personally, you know exactly what this blog is life's worth.  Okay, not entirely, but it is certainly what my job comes down to each and every year.  This is Area audition weekend.  Who will and will not be with us in San Antonio for the TMEA All-State Choir?  We have 11 students going with us this weekend, and I could not be more proud of their hard work and dedication this year.  They have been working this music and auditioning stage by stage since July...July, people.  I don't have that much dedication to my home decor!  If you happen to think of 11 random kids or one crazed vocal coach on Saturday, please send up a prayer (or a thousand prayers!) for strength of voice, calm presence, and crisp precision of technique.  We have all worked so very hard for this weekend, and I pray that we will have more celebrating than not this weekend!  Thanks, faithful friends!