Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Okay, maybe good mom, bad mom!  When Jakob turned 1, I was planned and stressed to the nines!  However, I only sent e-mail invites 48 hours before Lily's party.  Last minute?  I think, yes!  However, Jakob's party was two months ago, and I have not posted a single picture from it.  Lily's party is being at least partially posted THE DAY OF her party!!!  It all evens out, right?!  Let's all pretend the answer is "yes!"

Our precious birthday girl!

...and her daddy who bought himself a birthday gift that matched the festivities!

We had to move Jakob's birthday party in May at the very last minute because of a drenching rain storm that ruled out our backyard.  Guess what it has done all day?!  That's right!  It rained!  Even though we were rained on a bit during the party as well, we didn't let it drown our spirits!

Time for gifts!

Aww!  Sweet baby!

I dare you to say "no" to these beautiful blue eyes!

The cake beautiful friend, Joy, again helped me with the cake for my children.  (Just wait until I finally post pictures of Jakob's cake!)  Last night when we went to bed, everything looked great!  This morning, however, the strawberry ladybugs had oozed, peed if you will!  :-)  Oh, well!  It all makes for a memory, right!  Lily certainly didn't care!  See captions necessary.

Disclaimers:  no child, especially Lily Hope Hardy, was injured in the eating of this cake.  Also, no adult hand helped decorate the aforementioned child.  Thank you.

After her bath, the black icing was still oozing from her nose!  Ha!

One partied out little lady bug.

Happy Birthday, Lily blessed we are and how loved you are.  Sleep well, my Lily bug.

Happy Birthday, Lily Hope

Happy Birthday, our little Lily Bug.  Enjoy your cake!