Friday, May 14, 2010

The Doctor Is In.

Tomorrow is Jakob's 4th birthday...I know...I'm in shock, too!  More about that later.  I am working on cleaning the house really well, praying for the rain to hold off until 2 pm tomorrow, and stuffing party favor bags.  Jakob came to me with his stethescope on and said, "Mommy, the doctor will see you now."  Reluctantly, I went with him to his bedroom where he asked my what the problem seemed to be.  I told him my arm was sore from vacuuming, and he gave me an ointment from a plastic corn cob...said that would do the trick.  Just as I thought the appointment was over, he said he need to listen to my heart.  After double checking with me where exactly my heart was, he listened carefully and said with a very concerned face, "Uh-oh, Mom.  I don't like the sound of that.  I think there's a problem.  YOU HAVE ITCHY-ARM-ITIS!!!!"  There is no cure according to Dr. Jakob.  His recommendation is to rest during his naptime.  Classic, buddy.