Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Camera Cord,

I miss you. Where in my house are you hiding? I have so many great pictures to post on my blog, and your absense is really complicating things. Please make yourself known soon so that I can upload new photos. (new = pictures from the last 6 weeks) Thank you.


Carla, your owner

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh, Jakob... you make my days funnier! This morning, after waking up DRY in big boy underwear for the first time ever, he was being forced to 'shoot the water', as we say in these parts. He was whining, crying, and generally making it sound like torture when he looks at me with angry eyebrows and says through a growling voice, "Mom-my! I AM NOT RE-SIS-TING YOU!!!" Then, this afternoon at the school he came into my office and asked for the keys. I handed them to him, and he immediately came back with, "Thanks, mom. You always have just what I need...just like Kelly." What? Who's Kelly?! He informed me that I was like Kelly from Kelly's Hardware Store in Sheetrock Hills on Handy Manny...always having everything Manny needs for the job! Thanks, Buddy. I figure being compared to anyone from Sheetrock Hills is high praise coming from a 3-year old!

Wordless Wednesday

(otherwise known as 'posts for those who have lost their camera cord and have no time to write a real post.')