Sunday, August 31, 2008,hem...bedtime!

I am sitting here at 11:30 in the evening listening to Jared and Jakob count sheep and balls and birds in the bathroom while Jakob sits on the potty. Jakob volunteered himself to his 'throne' during a bedtime meltdown just now. No, this is not his normal bedtime. Yes, I know we are awful parents for allowing him to be up this late since we were with friends. No, I don't want confirmation on that. The point is...Jakob SO has us figured out! He knows that he can offer up time sitting on the potty to derail us from any situation. We are in big trouble...but it sure sounds sweet tonight!

Catching up...

Well, we just finished our first week of school...whew! While it was very busy, it is nice to be back into routine. It was a week of wonderful 'sameness' with a bit of newness mixed in. Jared was asked/hired on Tuesday to be one of the new Frenship football commentators! He is on the field each week doing interviews, 'mood' updates, and things like that. He did such a GREAT job on Thursday and is looking forward to the rest of the season. Its not like we need anything else to do, but at least he really enjoys it. I am excited for him. We finally got our numbers finalized...made me want to vomit. Five years ago, there were barely 150 in the entire, there are 124 middle school boys alone...vomit, I tell you! Thankfully, Jared is the only one who has to mess with them! We have just under 60, yes 60, auditioning for the All-State process; almost 80 in the top freshman choir; 65 in our top choir; and had to create 3 more classes at the high school to give everyone a place. We have over 600 students in choir this year. SO EXCITING...SO SCARY!!! It should be a really fun year. So, while I am a bit in shock of how much there is to do, I am anxious to get it really going! Well, here are some other updates now that I have my camera back in working order. Enjoy!

This is the old carpet. Do you see why the floors were at the TOP of our home renovation list? We bought our house from a very nice couple...who let their college-aged son and his two friends live with him. Any further questions?

You 'hear' me talk about Bryce and Barclay a lot on here. They gave up a weekend of their summer to come and help us for nothing more than pizza! Trust me, they don't make high school kids like Barclay, Bryce and their sister Whitney anymore. (Well, technically college now for Whitney, but you know what I mean!) I need Brad and Sheila to give me their secrets!

Bryce in the lead...Barclay in the pink...please don't judge us for the condition of the shed...or the 'grass!' That carpet never looked so good...hanging out of the dumpster!

And so, it begins! Even the concrete looked better than the carpet!

Piece by piece, our home grew! This stuff is amazing...Trafficmaster Allure!

Thankfully, BB, Pa, and MerMer corralled Jakob for the weekend so that we weren't removing tack strips from his feet, hands, or head! Once Jakob was allowed to come home, he wrestled his horse on the new floors. What you can't see, or hear, in this picture is Bryce and Barclay yelling "Yee-Haw!" Jakob put on quite a show that night.

As you can see, Jared and I were exhausted! We laid the first plank at 1:00 Saturday afternoon and finished laying planks through the living room, hallway, kitchen, and dining room at around 11:00 on Sunday night. Jakob was still going strong, though! It really was a fun project...but I am SO glad its over!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not ready at all!

Well, school starts tomorrow. Can't you hear the excitement in my voice. I think the problem is that I have been teaching lessons all summer, and I am not quite ready to relinquish my husband to our world of musical-chairs. Anyway, I knew that I was WAY behind on blogging when I had students asking when my next blog was, Barclay...this one's for you! I have no pictures because I have no camera. I left my battery charger at my parents' house, and thus, my camera is dead, dead, dead. I have so many great ones to post when it comes back to life, but here's a preview. Last weekend, Jared and I laid new floors through our living room, kitchen, dining room, and hallway with the help of two incredibly self-less high school boys. I always claim to have the greatest students in the world, but Bryce and Barclay prove it on most days! It was a TON of work, but so worth it! I cannot wait to have batteries to show you the pictures. We are so proud of them. I don't think I have ever swept my floors this ever in my whole life, all added up! They are fantastic! After a week of LONG sectionals everyday this past week, my weekend topped off with a fun-filled morning of garage sale-ing with three of my students. Molly, the twins, and me set off to find our treasures on Saturday morning. I haven't laughed so hard in quite a while. I am truly so blessed to have all of my students in my life. You know, I hope and pray, honestly, that God, my Father, shows me more and more ways to ooze His love into their lives. I know that the times my students want to 'hang' with me is fleeting. I pray it carries more eternal value than a mountain scened pocket watch! Although, it was a really great find, guys! Geez...after all that, maybe I am ready for tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why not?!

Well, here I am after midnight yet again, and here I am on blogspot! Figure I might as well put something of value if I'm going to be here. So, since I can't seem to get to sleep tonight, here you go! The first highlights of our vacation! I'll fill in more tomorrow night, I'm sure, while I'm struggling to go to sleep!

We went to an Oklahoma City Redhawks games on Tuesday night and had a great time! They are a great team and have so many fun things incorporated into the game for the fans. We got to sit right behind home plate. As great as the team is, they got stomped the night we were there! So, in the eighth inning, Jakob had to put on his 'rally cap' didn't help!

Jakob also got to taste his first baseball park hotdog! Too bad it was 99 cent hotdog night and they were sad little weinies in thin, off-brand buns! He has eaten more quality processed meat at home! Gotta love it!

One of Jakob's favorite things to do at Nana and Poppy's house to 'water the fwoers.' He ends up watering himself and the porch more than the flowers, but it sure is fun to watch!

So, we went to the Oklahoma City Zoo on Wednesday morning. So much fun! We were a bit worried that Jakob would be terrified of the animals since my parents almost had to pull the car off of the road to remedy a common house fly situation. Jakob almost hyperventalated at the mere presence of a fly in the car. Lions and tigers and bears...oh no! The above picture, though, is just of him pitching a fit because he couldn't walk across the parking lot by himself. I know, we are horrible parents!

Once inside, we found some and bronzed. Can't you see the utter joy on Jakob's face? I swear this kid will not smile for a picture if you are hoping for a 'moment'! Oh, well...he really did have a great time seeing all of the animals. The zoo will be a repeat trip for us!

We, of course, chose to visit OKC during the hottest week in forever! It was over 102 degrees each of the days we were there and soared up to 106 the day of the baseball game. So, Jared and dad had to take a turn in the mister.

Now, we are REAL tigers...not just the Frenship kind! This was certainly Jared's favorite part of the day...I think Jakob thought it was pretty cool too!

Jakob and Poppy found something absolutely hilarious in the bamboo forest. I love this picture so shows just what great grandparents Jakob has...all around. This is just one moment of millions that he has had with Nana, Poppy, BB, and Pa. What a tremendously blessed and funny kid!

Jakob and Daddy took a ride on a lion. When asked to sit with Daddy for a photo-op, Jakob insisted that he ride the tail.

We finished off the day 'skating' across all of the oceans of the world. Skating equaled all of the adults scooting our feet across the large tiled surface while Jakob ran around directing us. Dad was the best 'skater' according to Jakob. It really was one of my favorite days with our family, ever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't hate me because I'm swamped!

I know...its been a while...and its going to be longer! I have so many great stories and pictures from our vacation last week, but I just have no time to get it all done. Its after midnight right now, and I'm finishing up work for tonight. I do NOT love this time of all! So, thank you (whoever the faithful few of you are) for waiting for my head to get above water to write another short story of the wonderful world of Jakob. Its certain not to disappoint! Hope you're all having a great, relaxing week! Oh, and if you are not addicted to the Olympics, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! They are incredible! They almost make me want to workout...almost! Wait a minute...I might could write a blog if I wasn't glued to the Olympics while I work...hmmm....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ain't life grand?!

Okay, so very quickly...its 12:38 am. We are supposed to leave for vacation at 8 in the morning. Not happening. We just decided to return ALL of the computer equipment that we bought just 48 fleeting hours ago. Seems as though TV/computer in one is more of a fantasy than reality., we'll be back at Best Buy as soon as they open to receive our refund...fingers crossed! Say a little prayer for my, understandably, extremely irritated husband. Its gonna be a long night, folks! Here's hoping to being on the road before noon!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Penny for your thoughts?! Jakob is getting his two-year molars right now, and subsequently, EVERYTHING is going into his mouth. Its like we've digressed about one year! Drool, crankiness, awful diapers, the whole nine yards. Okay, so lately Jakob has been putting coins that he finds in the couch, on the counter, in the coin jar in our room, (now put up much higher) or on the ground into his mouth. We put them in a fish-shaped coin bank when we find him with them and give the verbal, "Jakob, its dangerous and can hurt you. No coins in your mouth!" Well, as I am packing just now, Jakob comes in with three pennies in his mouth! No telling which couch he dug under! So, I had had it! I took the pennies...not to the fish bank...and I swatted his leg. (Don't turn me in...its Biblical!) As I was trying to explain to him ONE MORE TIME why that was dangerous and that he would be receiving a spanking every time he put a coin into his mouth from now on, he looked me dead in they eyes and said, "Tank you, mommy." I could have laughed, cried, spanked him again, and melted all at once! Then, I found him with a penny in his ear...good grief!

Don't judge me for the M&Ms scattered about his mouth...its been a daddy and bubba in charge kind of day! Here's to packing and leaving my son in the care of my mom for an entire week! Oh, yes, I'll be there...I just won't be in charge!!!

My own personal 'Geek Squad'

This week we got a new computer that will double as a TV. Fun! Okay...the computer needed a new piece of hardware installed for the TV part of the computer. (Notice my highly technical terms!) Rather than pay for Best Buy's Geek Squad to come and do this, Jared did it instead. He worked for Radio Shack when we were first married and did this sort of thing for people all of the time...six years eternity in this computerized age! The important thing is that it all works now! Good job, Jared! The story behind the story is that we were up until 1:30 or so last night trying to get this thing installed! Thank you, Jared, for our fun and completely unnecessary new toys!

Notice my helping hand with the flashlight! This is as technological as I get!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is one determined man. The lip-biting is the key to a job well done!

This part used to be a part of our new computer...obviously, not anymore! This aluminum grid was the kink in Jared's installation, so he 'gently' removed it! So far, so good! Everything still works for now! If I go off-line for a while, though, you will know it was more important than we thought!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Daddy's Day Off!

Today was Jared's first real day off of the entire summer! Jakob has hit the stage of being all about daddy, and it breaks his heart everyday when Jared heads to the dealership. This past week he started knocking on the front door after Jared left crying, "Daddy, come back! Come back, Daddy!" It is gut wrenching! So today was pretty sweet for these two. They started off the day with a HUGE bowl of Fruity Pebbles followed by an exhilarating game of 'kickety kick-ball' in the back yard. (Wow Wow Wubbzy has completely affecting our son's vocabulary!) Notice that Jakob pulled up a croquet hoop to use as a necklace!

Then, they did a bit of artwork on the back porch. There are layers of chalk in that blob on the left! His hiney has quite a bit of artwork on it as well!

So, after a sweaty morning of play, you have to have a major bath...a man-spa of sorts! Daddy decided it looked like too much fun not to join in! So after filling, and I do mean filling, the tub, Daddy and Jakob began to invent a new game that involved completely emptying the canister of bath foam into a cup. Only dads can come up with these things and 'blame' it on the entertainment of their children! Notice the blue tint to the water...good grief! They had a great time to say the very least! Here's to many more days-off filled with tons of fun!

My brother, or 'Bubba' to Jakob, is coming in tonight so that we can all go to our parents' house in Oklahoma for the of cell phones and internet! We are going to golf until we hurt, fish until we're full, go to the zoo, a Red Hawks' baseball game, and shop until I drop! (Notice that I said until I drop and not until Jared would be a short trip!) We are so looking forward to a week of spoiling for all us. Fun stories and pictures are sure to follow when we get home! Have a great week! Oh, and today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends, Erin. Happy Birthday! I love you, sister!