Sunday, November 2, 2008


HOW on earth do people with multiple children pull of a successful Halloween each year? Here's the deal: October and November are two of Jared's and my most busy months out of the year. Jared has done two car deals this week, thank you, Lord! But, they do take up large chunks of time out of our evenings. We are two weeks away from our next All-State audition, so I am swamped with lessons and sectionals. On Thursday night, we had a football game in Abilene and didn't get home until the 3 am hour. Jared decided not to go to bed that night since he had to be at a meeting at 6 the next morning. So, needless to say, he was walking around on borrowed time Friday! I think he even remembers teaching that day! On Saturday, Jared spent the day judging middle school all-region choir auditions and I spent the day in Plainview judging Miss Wayland 2009! While it was a great day for each of us, it made it difficult to stick Halloween in the middle of it all! Originally, Jakob was going to be Larry Boy so that we could reuse his hat from the Veggie Tales Live night. However, I could not find purple pants in Jakob's size that didn't have glitter in the fabric. So, in a last minute attempt to recover some sort of Larry costume, we decided on Larry, the Pirate who doesn't do anything!
We did have a great time, though. After sectionals Friday afternoon, Jakob and I headed home to get ready while daddy wen to pick up a special surprise for mommy. Details to follow in another post! We went to Grandma's (Carla's grandmother) assisted living home to visit all of her friends at their Halloween party. Jakob loved it, and mommy and daddy have loved eating the loot!
Then, we went to see Whitney, Bryce, and Barclay. The boys took Jakob around their neighborhood while we hung out with the of our favorite things to do!
Then we, headed to BB and Pa's house where Jakob spent the night! Stressful? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Teaching us lessons in pre-planning, organization, and time management? Goodness, I hope so!


InchesByInches said...

That's a great costume!

Whitney said...

Aw! I didn't even know that you took that picture! How cute :)