Thursday, November 13, 2008

For Real?

Well, anyone who has been near me on a weekday over the last two weeks will attest to the fact that I am a bit on the loony side of life right now. PreArea auditions are tomorrow. Did you hear me? PREAREA AUDITIONS ARE TOMORROW!!! I am realizing that I am a bit over-involved with not only my students, but with their success. I cannot do anything tomorrow. They have to go in and do what we have worked on for so many weeks. And yet, I think I may be more nervous than they are tonight! In my job, there are only five days or so that really matter to my 'career security.' All Region, PreArea, Area, Solo and Ensemble and TSSEC. So, tomorrow is the second of three auditions for my students' All-State Choir hopes. They're good. I mean, really good. I have been on their backs for about three weeks making them believe that they were really behind., I dragged myself into my living room feeling like they were as ready as could be...or at least the ones that want to be there! I am praying that their efforts more than pay off tomorrow! But to every great week, a little poo must fall, I guess! Tuesday during lessons, I knew that I was really feeling icky. My voice was really tired and sore...not a good thing for a vocal coach. By about midnight, I knew that strep was moving in. So, I took yesterday off and spent the day downing antibiotics and gargling warm salt water. Of all the weeks? Really? Oh, well...if someone had to get it, better me than my students. After all, I really cannot audition for them matter how much I might want to!