Monday, November 24, 2008

Jakob's Vacation

I have had a wonderful week so far in a toddler-free home! It has been so nice to rest, recover, clean, and organize without Jakob's 'help.' Several people, though, have asked if I'm okay without having Jakob for this long. I probably should not be as okay as I am, to be perfectly honest! However, Jakob LOVES being at Nana and Poppy's house. He's okay, so I'm okay! Thought I would share with you two pictures my dad sent me from his phone to show that Jakob is having the time of his life! Pirate hats at the donut shop and play dough with Nana! Life is Texas and Oklahoma! I am getting excited to have him back, though. No one hugs like he does!

Sorry for the small pictures, but you know camera phones! Funny Jakob story from his week of vacation. As you can see, my dad doesn't have a lot of hair, and the hair he does have is turning grey. The other night, my mom was trimming my dad's hair when Jakob came into the room. With a very concerned and worried voice, Jakob asked, "Poppy?! Where's your brown hair go?!" After a long laugh, their evening went on. Mom bathed Jakob and asked him afterward if he would like a hair cut like Poppy. (Jakob needs a trim badly!) Jakob grabbed his head with both hands and answered in a panicked tone, "No Nana! I want my brown hair!" SO funny! He thought that he, too, would lose his brown hair if it was cut! Poor Poppy. Getting Jakob to cut his hair may be a lost cause for a while!


Becky said...

Those are pretty good "camera phone" pictures. Emily didn't notice Greg's lack of hair until she was about four and sitting on his shoulders, then it dawned on her. Jakob is a very observant young man and protective of his pretty hair :)

Poppy said...

I know why Jakob might be afraid of his Poppys' 2 hairs being out of place, I have seen them also. That is just too cute.