Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who's Boring Now?!

On Sunday, Jakob told one of his Sunday School teachers that his hair "was boring." He tells me this all of the time, but it changed the game when Mrs. Kristy heard of how we are torturing our son with a boring haircut. The bigger picture here is that Jakob absolutely hates having anything sticky on his hair. Obviously, this includes hairspray, mousse, and gel of any sort! He freaks...literally freaks! So, with limp, thick hair and no gel...you get boring hair! That is until you get all hot and sweaty! Then...this happens!

Pardon the poor picture quality...web cams aren't known for their pixel count. (Is that even the right verbiage?)


Lindsey said...

That's hilarious he thinks his hair is boring. :) Yesterday, for the first time, Will asked me to put on different shoes on him than the ones I was about to put on. I guess I'm entering the world of opinions. (Well, he's long had opinions, but opinions on style.)