Monday, August 23, 2010

Mansion Next to Yours

Oh, how I wish I had more time to write tonight, but this is all I've got, and I don't want to forget this story.  Tonight in the Market Street parking lot as I was buckling Jakob into his seat, he grabbed my hand and said, "Mom, when I grow up I want to be a designer."  "What do you want to design, buddy?  What kind of designer?" I asked.  He replied, "I want to design houses.  One for me, a little one for Lily, and a humongous one for you and dad. I will put them all in a row so we can live next door to each other.  Then, I will come over and eat your food."  That settles it...we're building a family compound.


Kara said...

ok, he needs to talk to my older two boys. they think that they can just live here with me no way!!! he is so cute!

Ellyn said...

Yea!! What a perfect idea. He'll have to build some for us too since Shane said when Kaitlyn marries her new husband will move in with us...he also said into another room down the hall from Kaitlyn's but I think that might be pushing it.